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Describe your last run with a movie title...
Who's been training
Top tips for Up Comrades
And our newest member is .........
Laundry Help!
Tuks 10 km Nite Race - 17 Sep (GN)
Clover Irene Village Mall Spring Run - 20 Sep (GN)
Fred Morrison 21 & 10 km - 14 Sep (CGA)
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Describe your last run with a movie title...
Top tips for Up Comrades
Think this may be a duplicate thread as im sure this is somewhere but anyway...

Im not refering to tips like "never do anything new on the day" etc.  But from a training perspective what are YOUR most important elements of your training program when it comes to Comrades?
To start the List ill add mine

- Hill repeats! They come in different forms and distances but for me this is where part of the secret to a good long run lies
- Loads of the "Mid Range Long runs" ...
Laundry Help!
Ok so here is a weird question!!

i use vaseline to prevent that Horrible thing called "nipple Rash"  (plasters just seem to fall off.  The problem with vaseline is taht it leaves a rather unpleasent stain on all my Shirts.  So literally every shirt ive run a serious distance in has "boob Stains"

So the question is how does one get rid of Vaseline stains off of these shirts???
Ran my second park run this morning at the Voortrekker Monument. My first was at Delta Park.

Really enjoyed it, good turnout but a tough route, taking us up to Schanskop Fort, although that does make the last 1.5km very fast indeed as you come back down the hill.

My observations? Well, they should call it a Park Walk! Far, far more people walking than running. Even at my slow pace, I was probably in the top third.
Beginner Runners First Races
Hi All,

Having only been running for for 8 months I have done a limited number of races so far. My first ever "race" was the Northgate 5km fun run which I followed with the Skukuza half marathon. I then decided to try some 10 km's and have so far done the Clearwater 10km. Doing the Sasfin Gerald Fox 10km this month followed by Gods Windows half marathon at the beginning of October and the Jozi south 10km towards the end of October. November I am planning on doing the sportsman ware ...
Clover Irene Village Mall Spring Run - 20 Sep (GN)
Smile and wave when you pass at the water tables! Will let you know where we will be.
Reebok Spartan Race South Africa

Debuts in Johannesburg on 1 November 2014
Fred Morrison 21 & 10 km - 14 Sep (CGA)
JF (or anyone), do you perhaps know how far they are with the renovation of the Germiston stadium and track? Is that still where we will end?
And our newest member is .........
Hi All,

My name is Michael and I am a runner  q12

New to running, kicked off at the beginning of the year to lose some weight and enjoyed it enough to carry on.
Tuks 10 km Nite Race - 17 Sep (GN)
Night races can be truly awesome if you can see where you are going.
Unfortunately this isn't always the case here.
I will also wait for Clover
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Fred Morrison 21 & 10 km - 14 Sep (CGA)
Why are running forums so dead?
Describe your last run with a movie title...
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Clover Irene Village Mall Spring Run - 20 Sep (GN)
Tuks 10 km Nite Race - 17 Sep (GN)
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