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Who's been training
Jump City JHB Night Experience - 23 Sept 2014
SQL Skills
Hello - :) new to town with big dreams
Seriously...Are we kidding ourselves
Wits Half Marathon & 10km - 17 Aug (CGA)
Ocean Basket Marcel van't Slot Memorial Race - 16 Aug (GN)
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Jump City JHB Night Experience - 23 Sept 2014
Gold Reef City
23 September 2014

I've never really been a fan of the whole Warrior / Impi thing (I'm not crazy about mud and getting dirty!), but my wife (thinks she) loves this kind of thing and entered us as a team into the Warrior Challenge at van Gaalens on the 6th of Sept.

Anyway I just entered us into the JumpCity Challenge as well (more appealing to me because of the uniqueness of the event and less dirt I think).

Anyone else doing any of these?
SQL Skills
Hi All

Pardon for the Non Running Related Post.
Do anyone of you know perhaphs know someone with SQL Skills that's maybe unemployed and is looking at contracting for a few months.

The business wants to contract someone for a couple of months, but in the interim they are maybe going
to look for someone internal until they can find someone.

If you know someone let me know so I can forward there details to the people concerned.
Hello - :) new to town with big dreams
Hello- I am so happy to have found this forum!

Apparently I joined this forum a while ago, but didn't begin participating for some reason.

I used to live in Cape Town, but am currently in Johannesburg, and loving it way more than I expected to. It's the blue skies in winter, the red sunsets and the smell of jasmine I expect. Smile

My mother was a runner and introduced me to the mysterious emotions and excitement of running when I was very young. I have been running since I was 21, and am ...
I am planning to be there!

I am ridiculously excited!

It will be my first, and it takes place a few days after my 30th birthday. I ran the Two Oceans Ultra in 2013 and it really opened my eyes at 50 km to realise that I would still have 40 km to go in Comrades.

I am planning to really commit and train to tackle the challenge.

I am following the Lindsay Parry Finishers program, but with ever so-slightly faster paces.
Ocean Basket Marcel van't Slot Memorial Race - 16 Aug (GN)
My first Marcel van Slot race today, other than a tour of Pretoria to find the race start,  I relalay enjoyed this race, not an easy route but a pretty fair one. The route was a bit short, but I cannot fault the organisers on anything today. Saw Ken Renee Yvette and Jaco...
Hi everyone,

This seems like a nice forum, I decided to stop lurking and actually join up.
A bit about me - I'm currently an Honours student at Tuks and pretty much spent my undergrad years snacking, drinking etc... until I was in a rather lousy shape. At school I enjoyed team sports and was a decent cricket and soccer player, but at varsity I had little motivation to keep active at all. Come April fool’s this year I decided enough was enough and decided to try get in better shape, setting ...
Seriously...Are we kidding ourselves
This Might irritate a few people, but that is not my Intention.

I was part of a group conversation not too long ago, in the group where Comrades runners ranging from 7h15 to 11h59.

One lady in this group is a marginal Comrades runner, just sneaking in with a 4H58 Qualifier at the Wally.  needless to say she didnt even get close to finishing Comrades.  During this conversation she was proudly saying that she only runs 30 - 40km a week (no quality all Slow runs) but she was feeling tired fro ...
How important is...
Shelagh wrote:
Never had the option to get a back to back medal.  Those of us that have been involved for years were not included in this.

You actually Still Qualify, if you can show them taht you have completed two in a row, and Pay an amount they will send it to you
Who's been training
Entire past week only walked a bit. Tonight I will travel down to enjoy the cape before suffering through the puffer next week.
Wits Half Marathon & 10km - 17 Aug (CGA)
Not an easy route, especially that BIG HILL early in the race, that you go up TWICE if you doing the Half Marathon.
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How important is...
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Bye bye everyone
If you want to run faster, you need to train faster
Wits Half Marathon & 10km - 17 Aug (CGA)
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