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Had an injury due to vision problem
Podiatrist in Pretoria area?
Heel injury recovery question
Hamstring injury - best way to recover?
Pain on outside of foot
Non-muscular injury
health & sports
ITBS Release surgery
Pain on outside of lower legs
The common cold...
Biokinetics & Sports Massage
West vs East
Souls of feet Eina
Infra Red Lamps
Burning Soles
Pain on inside of ankle area
Top of Foot Injury
One leg shorter than the other?
Knee "niggle"
Muscle injuries
When is recovery complete?
Sport Physio Answering your Injury Questions
Could jogging be bad for you?
Sore quads
Leg and knee injury
Messed up foot. Help or information needed
Principles of Recovery
Pain in bone on top of foot
When do you know your are rid of ITB?
Return after layoff
Shot Knees
Lower Calf Injury
Muscle Imbalances
Burning sensation around knee
This is not a laughing matter
Twisted ankle
Not really an injury - more warning signs or normal ?
Lower back pain
Lateral Plantar Fascia
Sore leg
The dreaded left foot
Knee pain
Injury prevention tips
Shin splints
Plantar fasciitis
Runner's Knee
Achilles tendonitis
ITB (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)
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