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Kolonade Retail Park Half Marathon & 10 km - 17 Nov (GN)

Kolonade Retail Park Half Marathon & 10 km

Date: 17 November 2012
Time: 06h00
Organisers: Fit 2000 Athletic Club Pretoria
Distance: 21.1; 10; 5;
Province: Gauteng North
Start: Kolonade Retail Park Shopping Centre
Zambezi Drive

Contact 1: Alan Edmunds
(C) 083-3257779

Contact 2: Bossie Boshoff
(H) 012-5482897
(C) 083-5573232

Entry Details:
Entries are accepted at the start from 04h00. Grand Masters enjoy a reduced entry fee.

Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 1. Route Type: Circular
This new route is a flat, fast and easy run.

This is the last AGN League race of the year.

With the wife being away and having to get someone to keep half an eye on the kids, I'm just planning to do 10km here.

I opted to do the 10km run at this event only & on hindsight that appeared to be a great idea!

The run was unspectacular and I once again enjoyed the company for most of the run of Cherine, who fresh off a tough half-marathon last week, was enjoying the much easier route of this event. We got around in 1:13:25 over a course that measured 10.18km on my GPS, but was almost exactly correct to 9km - that last kilometre was a little long.

Being an AGN League Race, I took along our club trailer and gazebo. The organisers were very jacked up when it came to the gazebos and I was directed into the finish area quickly and efficiently and pointed out a position where we could put up the gazebo. I was very impressed by this.

No problems with my entry and there seemed to be sufficient entry tables to handle the crowds.

As mentioned, this is not a difficult route. The race did start a few minutes late - not sure why, and as we got to the end of the run, it was already getting very warm and I was grateful not to be doing the second lap.

The water points were 4km apart and by the time we got to the second one, my "race organiser" eye spotted that the water supplies already appeared to be getting low. This was confirmed by clubmates who finished the 21km complaining that there was no water on the second lap. In my opinion, this under-estimation of water by the organisers was poor and could be dangerous as the temperatures must have been approaching 30 Celsius on that second lap, despite it still being early morning.

But overall, we had a lovely morning out. A shopping centre venue, but one that seems to suit a road race. This was a lovely, relaxing weekend before doing some "big" mileage again next week.

Saw "Dave a Walker" from the forum, doing the 21km, I think.
Dave a Walker

Ken , yes did the 21 no water at 15kms or at 18km, also found the last 1km was a bit long, as fourth walker (2:26) they had run out of medals, so the filed was a lot bigger than they expected, hence the water problems. I did like the change of route for the second lap. It was hard for me as there were no hills,I worked hard the whole was. Overall a good race but not one to prepare for Tough one on!  It was hot!
For the start the organisation was wrong you have to fill up to the start from behind. They tried to separate us walkers from the runners, but joining two roads into an uphill which was the steepist climb of the whole race does not  make for a fast efficient getaway, going down Zambezi drive worked well but the start should have been at the robot on to Zambezi.

I did the 21. Had no problem with parking just after 5 and entering the race. Adequate toilet facilities.
The route wasn't the most exciting, but some times you need routes such as these to appreciate the nicer ones, and I also find that it makes you mentally tougher to slog it out.

The start was delayed and we got off very slow. As always there were runners pushing in from all sides, even around the corner that pushed us all the way back. Bad form.

Lap 1 was uneventful. Lap 2 we didn't get water at km 15, also no water at the finish.

Even though the route was flat, I still found it hard work, especially the 2km long pull 'uphill' just before the finish.

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